9 Tips Before Travelling Internationally

Going abroad is always exciting, but sometimes it can get overwhelming and even nerve-wracking. However, before you head off and trek the globe, you should be aware that there are tips and tricks every experienced traveller already knows to making your international trips a truly enjoyable experience. Here are nine tips that will make your life easier if you are preparing to travel the world.

1. Google it
Before you head off to unknown countries, it might be a good idea to Google them. Find out more about the culture, manners and etiquette of the places you are about to visit, this will prepare you more for the visit.

2. Bring a map
There are so many different ways nowadays to bring a map with you on your phone, notebook, tablet or any device, but make sure you have one. Even better, you should note down the possible routes before your visit and mark the places you want to visit.

3. Medicine
Take care of your health and pack the medicine you use. Also, pack some medicine that might come in handy. If you don’t know the language you could learn a few phrases about common problems such as mosquito bites or fever.

4. Data roaming

Set your phone to avoid international data roaming. Turn on your data roaming once you get to the desired area, and let your provider take care of the rest. 5. Passport Before you travel it is wise to check the expiration date on your passport and make sure it expires in less than six months. If for any reason your stay lasts longer than you planned this will ensure you have a valid passport to return home. 6. Documents Make sure you have your documents with you and provide a safe place for them such as a bag that you will carry with you. Also, you could make some copies of important documents and any idea of backing up the most important ones is always a good one. U.S. citizens can also have a second passport which will come in handy if you lose the first one.

7. Money

Bring your credit cards, but don’t forget to bring some local cash on you. It is always a good idea tolook up the monetary conversion before you go. Before you go to a foreign country check the conversion rate, and get some sense of the money. Call your bank and ask them for advice on how to use your credit cards while you are staying abroad.

8. Luggage4e7b9ba40c506.preview-300
Pack everything you need and remember to bring extra clothes. Do not pack unnecessary things and keep your luggage light. If you are travelling by plane make sure you follow regulations.

9. Electronics
Bring your chargers, adapters and notebook with you and basically everything you need. Also, back up the data online in case you lose your electronic equipment, because you wouldn’t want to lose your data, too.